New year outdoor camp 2023

Keep the secret between your fellow ones!!!
Next to the campfire right under the stars at the Island of Ven
At the last weekend of this year, we will open up the camp for all dudettes and dudes, who would love to celebrate the last evening in 2023 and the very first day 2024 on this super-sport in the middle af the Öresund Region.
We belive that only good people will join this event. Nature environment, beautiful view over the sea towards the big cities at the mainland. If we will see fireworks it will be very far away.
We have winterfixed the the shared kitchen and heated up the bathrooms this year to keep the comfort high all year around.
At New Year will will even open the restaurant dining hall for all guest which gives everyone space to enjoy their own homemade dinner at the long tables indoor, if they do not prefer to stay outside next to the grills and campfires.
Book your tent spot or one of the small warmed up cabins at:
Or give us a call at +46 (0)418 725 25
See you soon - right under the stars!
PS: Yes, you can bring your dog 😊