Camp for real in your own tent on Camp Ven

Get lulled to sleep by the calm humming of the waves. Wake up to the song of the birds. Set up your own camp exactly where you see fit for your own perfect experience. On the border of the sea and on the beach or up among the deer and pheasants at the fire sites in the woods.

The environment, the history, the people, the activities and nature is what constitutes its very own special world. Most of our visitors get around by foot or on the classical yellow bikes. When choosing to camp on Camp Ven you are invited into the innermost feeling of a fully fledged Ven - Vacation. Here you will find the weekend and vacation calmness and the balance that so many seek all around the world. Here you can be together, close and take advantage of the power that nature brings us when we let it embrace us. On Camp Ven, vacation is easy and carefree, by tasting the easy life and to be close to family, friends, colleagues and your significant other. For the kids, big as small, to raise the tent, sleep in a sleeping bag, maybe even cook something good and relax by an own made fire are many times an adventure in itself. Picking blackberries in the woods, finding peculiar and pretty stones, building a hut, snooze in a hammock or bike til the other side of the island to swim are all common activities that are a part of the daily life on Ven.