About Camp Ven

With those we like

Camp Ven is by no means luxurious in a traditional sense. We deliver luxury based on the location, the surroundings and the experiences we can only achieve when we are together with those we care about, in the right environment. When we take the time to just be. 


Our guests often seek an authentic camp feeling, but at the same time appreciate the convenient proximity to good service. There is something special about being able to show children how to make bread on open fire and share the experience of sleeping in the middle of nature. But in all honesty it is also nice to be able to shower properly before heading for a wonderful and exciting day on this amazing island in the middle of Öresund. Thanks to the common kitchen areas, fire and barbecue areas, docks, baths, restrooms, restaurants, activities and kiosk, Camp Ven offers wildlife and civilization in one and the same experience.

With the golf course, the forest and the sea as our nearest neighbors and with our highly esteemed restaurant Strandkrogen in the middle of the camp, the location  is difficult to improve. Here you will be sure to enjoy the simple things in life - as a matter of fact - The simple things are our main thing!


Welcome to Camp Ven!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries you might have on:  

 +46 (0) 418 725 50 or by e-mail: booking@campven.com